Newa Cuisine


January 2019

Of all the Nepalese people, the Newars celebrate the greatest number of festivities and feasts. They are known for a immense variety of cuisines they prepare in many occasions. Newar food can be divided into two main types.

  1. Daily food – Jyona (Lunch), Beli (Dinner)
  2. Bhoye – Banquet having a number of dishes with systematic arrangement in order

The main dishes of the Newars are as follows:-


Chatanmari -  A pancake prepared from rice flour. A variety of toppings can be added especially mince meat or egg. This is a compulsory item during worshipping of family major god called Digu Puja.

Wo – A small rounded flat bread made out of different lentils. Some prefer having with a variety of toppings.

Samaya Baji – A ritual set of five varieties representing Pancha Tatwa (Five fundamental elements) comprising Baji (Beaten Rice), Samaya (Rice Pops), Chhoyala (Barbecued meat seasoned with mustard oil, ginger, chilly and garlic), Sanya (Anchovies), Palu (Ginger) and Ailaa (Alcohol).

Chhoyala - Barbecued or roasted meat seasoned with garlic, ginger, chilly and mustard oil. A very popular dish among Nepalese.

Sukula – Sun dried meat cooked in a variety of methods.

Tahkha - Jelly meat

Main Dishes

Jyona/Beli (Lunch/Dinner) – A set of boiled rice, Kayhn (Lentil), vegetable and sanan (pickle).

Wauncha - Green vegetable.

Boobah - Mixed bean curry

Laa - Meat cooked in different ways.


Sanan – Pickle, usually hot.

Sanya Khuna – Spicy hot jellied fish.

Paun Kwaa – Sour soup made out of hog plum called Aamli in Nepalese (Newar).


Juju Dhau – Yogurt made out of full cream milk.


Thon – white beer made of fermented rice.

Ailaa – Colour less alcohol, usually very strong.

Kwaati – A country bean soup at least with nine different beans

Pancha Kwaa – Soup with beans, potato, meat etc.

Momo – Ravioli stuffed with mildly spiced buffalo meat. Very popular among Nepalese.

Yomari – A steamed sweet stuffed with molasses.

Gorma – White jellied meat.

Aaloo Chwon – Bamboo shoot with potato and beans

Hayn la – Gingered duck

Kachila – minced raw meat seasoned with fenugreek, chilly and mustard oil.

Jan La – Roasted buffalo skin seasoned with chilly, ginger, garlic and mustard oil

Swon – lungs filled with flour

Pukala – Shallow fried tripes.

Sapu Mhicha – Tripe stuffed with bone marrow.

These are only few food items out of other hundreds of items that Newars cook and make in different occasions.



Source : MATINA - Preserving Our Culture
Article By : Rajani Shakya

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